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Transfer Switches

Although the generator creates the power, the transfer switch is really the core of your generator system. It is an electrical panel that allows you to safely connect a generator to your home’s electrical circuits and is permanently installed near your main circuit breaker panel. It constantly monitors incoming utility power and determines when a true power outage is occurring, switching from utility power to emergency generator power and back again when utility power returns.

EZ Switch

Generac EZ 16 Circuit Transfer SwitchGenerac’s EZ Switch™ is an automatic transfer switch and distributed load center that backs up selected circuits for essential circuit coverage.

Pre-wired for the easiest and least expensive installation on the market, they are an excellent value when whole house coverage is unnecessary.

  • Available in 10, 12, 14 or 16 circuits
  • 30 ft. pre-wired conduit connects transfer switch to external box
  • 2 ft. pre-wired conduit for moving circuits from the main panel to the transfer switch
  • Pre-wired external connection box with weatherproof conduit for generator connections
  • NEMA 1 enclosure

Genready Load Center

GenReady load center with breakersNew home construction or renovations with electrical upgrades are the ideal time to install Generac’s GenReady™ Load Center.

Because it’s a hybrid electrical distribution panel combined with the transfer switch, you will enjoy substantial savings on installation and a simplified generator system.

The advanced engineering of the GenReady Load Center replaces the home’s main circuit panel and incorporates the automatic transfer switch, in the form of the EZ Transfer Operator™, with the emergency panel.

All power switching is handled within one unit, so it becomes a hybrid circuit panel capable of separating out only the electrical circuits chosen to be covered during a power outage.

  • One circuit box replaces traditional two and three box setups, saving on installation costs and minimizing wall space requirements.
  • 40 circuit capacity with the use of tandem breakers
  • Dimensions same as a standard 42-circuit main load center
  • Compatible with generators rated up to 125 Amps/30 kW
  • Both NEMA 1 and NEMA 3R enclosures available
  • Accommodates Siemens, SquareD and GE 1″ breaker

RTS Series

RTS-E  CSA VersionWith the RTS transfer switch, you can choose to cover every circuit all the time or only essential circuits depending upon the generator with which it is paired. RTS open transition transfer switches are ideal for residential, commercial and light industrial applications.

Standard RTS transfer switches feature NEMA 3R enclosures for indoor or outdoor use.

  • 100 – 800 Amp, 30, non-service rated
  • 600 – 800 Amp, 10, non-service rated
  • Nema 3R rated rugged steel enclosures
  • Designed to operate with the digital control on air-cooled generators and the Generac R200 or Nexus controller used on liquid-cooled QT series gaseous generators from 22- 150 kW

Nexus LTS

Nexus LTS Load Shed Transfer SwitchGet more coverage from a smaller generator paired with the load shedding capabilities of the Nexus™ LTS transfer switch, the answer when more than six large loads need to be managed.

The Nexus LTS is designed to allow for the most efficient use of the generator by monitoring and managing the backed up essential and non-essential circuits.

If the generator approaches overload condition, the non-essential circuits are cycled off, allowing essential circuits to remain powered.

It features a built-in, 16-circuit priority load center, a main contactor that protects the essential circuits and a secondary contactor that protects non-essential circuits.

  • 200 Amp
  • Service-entrance rated
  • Aluminum NEMA 3R outdoor-rated enclosure has a side-opening hinged cover.

Nexus Smart Switch

Nexus-smart-switchThe Nexus Smart Switch™ is the smartest transfer switch on the market. Engineered with Generac’s Digital Load Management™ (DLM) technology, it allows for more coverage with a smaller generator through smart load management.

This advanced load shedding technology is standard, unlike competitive models that require additional hardware and investment to add a load management option.

The Nexus Smart Switch has the ability to manage two air conditioners without adding additional components or cost. Gain even more flexibility by adding up to four individual DLM™ Modules for added load management.

  • Intelligently manage up to six large, high demand loads
  • Depending on the size of the generator in the system, this switch can cover every circuit all the time for whole house coverage or provide managed whole house coverage when paired with a smaller generator.
  • 100 – 400 Amp, non-service rated, 10, NEMA 3R enclosure
  • 100 – 400 Amp, service rated, 10, NEMA 3R aluminum enclosure 1.

By monitoring generator engine performance, the Nexus Smart Switch is able to identify when the generator approaches overload. At the appropriate time, the switch disconnects the highest electrical load(s) in the house, typically an air conditioner(s).

2. After a 5-minute delay to allow for compressor bleed out, the switch brings the AC units back online one after the other with a 30-second delay in between. This is a standard capability in all Nexus Smart Switches and does not require any additional components, unlike competitive transfer switches.

3. In addition, up to four other large 240V loads can be managed when the Nexus Smart Switch is used in conjunction with individual DLM™ modules.

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